April 26, 2023

5 Stunning Boudoir Poses To Try At Your Next Session

One of the main questions I get when a boudoir client first inquires for a session is usually “I have no idea how to pose myself…” or “This is not my usual thing…” Boudoir posing is something that you as the client shouldn’t have to stress about! Most photographers who are experienced in boudoir will have no problem giving you great direction.

That being said, being prepared and inspired never hurt anybody! Here are some of my favorite go-to boudoir poses that I use with almost every single client that books with me:

The Heel Pop Pose:

Direction: Start by kneeling with your knees pointed outwards, and toes pointed inwards. Sit directly on-top of your heels while arching your back.

The Wall Arch Pose:

Direction: lean back onto the wall letting only your shoulder blades and up touch. Arch your back while popping one leg up and resting it on the wall.

The Lotion Rub Pose:

Direction: Sit on the very edge of the seat. Stagger by pointing one out, and slightly bending the other upwards. Point toes of the bent leg into opposite legs shin. Slowly rub your leg up and down like your applying lotion!

The Floor Arch Pose:

Direction: Start by laying on the ground. Arch back upwards by lifting up with your shoulder blades and but. bring legs together and point your toes.

The Upside Down Footrest Pose:

Direction: Start by sitting side by side with the wall. Pivot legs up onto the wall, keeping your butt against the wall. Point legs and toes together and turn upper body the opposite way.

Trying one of these stunning poses will ensure that you get the shots you want! What makes them stunning is going into your session knowing you’re going to kill it. You’ve got this girl!


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