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What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography has blossomed into many meanings but in a nutshell, its an intimate + personal photoshoot. Two words to describe my boudoir style is glamorous and editorial. Although boudoir is known to be "sexy" but it can be much more than that. How many times in your life have you done an editorial styled shoot? Probably not many! This experience gives you a chance to feel glamorous, boost you body image, and capture who you are in this moment forever.


Why should you book a session?

PICTURE THIS... You show up at the beautiful location we picked out together. I greet you with some bubbly and then you get settled in with your amazing hair and makeup artist! Once you get your glam on, we will decide what outfit to start with. Next we begin the best part, shooting the photos you've been dreaming of! I will flawlessly guide you through every pose to make sure you feel confident in what you're doing. Once we're done, I'll send you off for a couple hours while I put together your customized reveal. With my guidance, you will choose your final product collection! 2-3 weeks later you will have the most gorgeous products in your hands to love on forever.


What do I do with my photos?

Let them empower you! Having a bad day and need to remind yourself of the strong, independent, and gorgeous woman you are? Pull out your album and relive your experience over and over again!

These also make amazing gifts. Getting married and want to blow your partner away with a day of gift? This is experience is for you! I guarantee they will treasure their album for the rest of their life! I've had clients also do these shoots for birthdays, valentines day, big life celebrations, and more!

In the end, whether you do this for a loved one or yourself, you will feel empowered by this experience for the rest of your life!


Session investment starts at $500 and includes a professional consultation, a beautiful + private indoor location, a full glam hair + makeup session, 1-2 hours of shooting, and a luxury presentation of your gorgeous photos. An array of product collections are available, and the average client investment is $1900. Pre-payment installments are available!


Join in on the fun!

Need to see more? Come and join my private facebook group. Be the first to know about specials, events, giveaways, and more! Bad gals only please.

Will any of my photos be posted online?


This is something that is totally up to you! I respect that boudoir photos are very intimate and not everyone wants them publicized. All the women I post on my social accounts and website have graciously allowed me to share their photos so that other women like yourself can be inspired. I encourage you to share what will be some BEAUTIFUL photos, but ultimately its your choice!

Wait... Do I have to get naked or can i get naked?


Again, this is totally up to you! I encourage you to challenge your boundaries and get outside you comfort zone but that looks different for each client. Either way I will be hyping you up through your entire session!

I feel super nervous!!


I get it!! This is such a test to your comfort zone. That being said, I will be there to guide you every step of the way. This is why we will do an in-person/phone consultation before the shoot. I guarantee it will calm you nerves and get you excited. It will also give us a chance to get to know each other better!

Where will the shoot be located?


This is something we will discuss in your consultation! I've shot at various locations around Bozeman, MT so I can give you some insight and ideas! From hotels, Air bnb's, to the outdoors... the options are endless!

Do you offer payment plans?


Yes of course! I offer pre-payment plans on all my collections.

Ready to feel empowered?


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